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Monday, October 18, 2010

National Co-op week!

October is national co-op month, and the week of the 17th through the 23rd is national co-op week.  I have a long history with co-ops and am passionate about their mission.  I am an avid member and patron of food co-ops (two of my favorite are the Davis Food Co-op and Willy Street Co-op).  One of my regrets is that Raleigh lacks a good food co-op.  I lived for year in Summit Avenue Housing Co-op, and I spent one of the best summers in my life educating elementary through high school students about co-ops at Wisconsin Farmer's Union Kamp Kenwood.  Recently, I learned about a hops producing and marketing co-op in Wisconsin.

Co-ops are responsible for some the most well known brands, including REI, Ocean Spray, Blue Diamond, Organic Valley, and down in North Carolina, Southern States.  The center of density for co-ops has long been the upper midwest.  Moving to the south, this difference has become more aparent.  Hopefully, this good idea will continue to spread.

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