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Thursday, September 29, 2011

SWD on SFNToday

Check out the Southern Farm Network for the first of two stories on spotted wing drosophila (SWD).  Today's story focused on SWD's damage potential and management tools while tomorrow will highlight the SWD*VMN.

The second SWD story, highlighting the SWD*VMN has been posted at Southern Farm Network.  Listen to it here.

More information
Spotted wing drosphila present in the Carolinas - Southern Farm Network
Spotted Wing Drosophila First Responder Network Widening in Mid-Atlantic States - Southern Farm Network

Monday, September 26, 2011

The next generation of the SWD*VMN

It's been an exciting and busy month for the spotted wing drosophila volunteer monitoring network (SWD*VMN)! We've detected SWD in several additional locations (Clay and Madison Counties in North Carolina, Frederick County in Virginia, Jefferson County in West Virginia).

A new online home
I have been in search of a more user friendly way to enter and display our data, and I am proud to announce that this week, our new web home went live. SWN*VMN is now at EDDMapS. At this site, you can see all the locations we have caught SWD in the past, where we are capturing SWD this year, , and all the trapping data for each of our 66 locations! To navigate, click on your county of interest. This will take you to a list of the data for all the sites in that county, from newest to oldest. If you would like to see data for just one site, click on that site's name. To get back to the SWD*VMN home, just click the logo at the top of the page. I'll also link to a live map from here for quick updates.

2011 SWD detection in SWD*VMN.  See here for detections by month. 

Seeking citizen scientists
Keep your eyes peeled for our new solicitation for volunteers at Science for Citizens.  Our submission is in review, but as soon as it's posted, I'll share the link here!  Now that we have 2 field seasons of new finds under our belt with expert observers, we are looking to expand the SWD*VMN to include the public.  In particular, we are interested in developing classroom tools and empowering students to monitor for SWD at schools.

More information
Eastern SWD*VMN - EDDMapS