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Saturday, July 17, 2010

SWD trap captures now available

Our spotted wing drosophila monitoring locations have been trapping since May in most cases, and now our trapping data is available online. The links below lead to a figure for each site, which are updated as new data are entered. Right now, these figures all look the same since SWD trap captures have been 0 for each site until recently. Two of our locations, one in SC and one in NC have detected SWD, but these data have not yet been entered in the online database. Look for post early this week with the details of these trap captures. I will also be posting a map with links to these locations early next week.

For ease of display, dates are converted into ordinal dates (the number of the date in the year). See here to convert an ordinal date back to a calendar date. If a figure says "no data", this means that trap captures from that site have not yet been entered, not necessarily that there is no data at this time.

Monitoring locations by state (in order from East to West):

South Carolina Locations

North Carolina Locations
Henderson County, NC. Site 1
Henderson County, NC. Site 2 (This site was established by Dr. Jim Walgenbach at the Mountain Horticultural Research Station on 9 September 2010 in response to nearby trap captures and resulted in immediate detection.)

Virginia Locations

Sponsored by the Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium, Project 2010 E-01.

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