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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

SWD detected in southeastern North Carolina

SWD trap at Horticultural Crops Research Station Ideal Track, near Castle Hayne, NC during 2010. Photo: HJB

In addition to an update on our blueberry maggot monitoring program and a review of SWD monitoring, attendees at of the Blueberry Field Day this past Sunday also got a preview of major SWD monitoring news. On Sunday, I captured the first SWD of 2011 in southeastern North Carolina. A female SWD was captured in an apple cider vinegar baited trap at the Ideal Track of the Horticultural Crops Research Station near Castle Hayne, NC. There are 2 important notes about this trap capture:
1. This fly was caught at a research station, not on commercial grower land.
2. A single female fly was captured, and no larvae have been found in NC fruit in 2011.

SWD detection near NC blueberry growing areas does mean that growers must be vigilant. For growers who treat for blueberry maggot, many, but not all, of the same insecticides are effective against SWD. See here for a list insecticides labeled in blueberries and their possible efficacy against SWD. Growers who are not managing blueberry maggot should carefully consider their management options if SWD has been found on or near their farm.

We are currently monitoring SWD at 31 locations in North and South Carolina. In addition, cooperators are monitoring sites in Georgia, Arkansas, and Virginia. In southeastern North Carolina, there are currently 10 locations on or near blueberry farms. To date, we have captured only one other SWD in 2011, in March in Henderson County at another NCSU research station. These monitoring data will be posted on this blog this week.

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