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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Report your NC cicada sightings!

Stealing a great idea from Clemson Cooperative Extension, I'd like to start recording cicada sightings in North Carolina. Report your sightings in the comments for this post. Be sure to mention your city, county, and the date you started seeing cicadas emerge. Remember, a single cicada does not a Brood XIX emergence make--we're looking for the massive, periodic fellas here! Feel free to chime in if you are NOT seeing cicadas, too. That's new as well!

I look forward to reading your comments!

More information
What to what for - The cicadas are coming!


amylynn said...
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Anonymous said...

Hannah- The cicadas are out in full effect at my house in Southwest Randolph County. The sound has moved to a dull roar. My cats are hunting them. I used the cicadas as a prop for Almanac Gardener that will air on May 28.

Bug Boy said...

I saw lots of exoskeletons and one adult at Lake Johnson last weekend. They weren't calling yet but I bet they were this weekend.

Hannah Burrack said...

Our department head mentioned that his woods (in Chatham County) will literally crawling with nymphs that were streaming up the trees. Adults had just started to make noise this weekend.

Carl said...

There have been sightings in the Bethel Hill and Woodsdale areas of Person County and in Butner in Granville County last week.

Carl Cantaluppi

Brenda said...

We were fishing Lake Reese (Randolph County) today and the sound was awesome! We could see them in the trees and no matter where we went on the lake, we could hear them loud and clear.

Hannah B said...

Thanks for the updates!