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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Flue Cured and Burley Tobacco Information Guides online

The 2010 editions of the Flue Cured and Burley Tobacco Production Guides are available online through the NC State IPM Program. These guides are also available in hard copy form from county extension agents and NCSU tobacco specialists. I have several copies of both on hand and always carry at least one in the truck while in the field.

Because the guides are revised once a year, some information may change before the next revision comes out. The biggest change in insect management for 2010 not reflected in these guides is the recent federal registration of Coragen (a newer insecticide from DuPont) for use in tobacco. The state labels are currently pending, and I will post again once these have been finalized. We have conducted 10 trials in the last 3 years with Coragen and Belt (another newer insecticide from Bayer with a similar mode of action) and data on how these materials compare to standard materials is in the production guides (Belt) or has been shared at grower meetings (Belt and Coragen).

Updated 4.8.2010
I also wanted to include a link to an "oldie but goodie" resource: Scouting Tobacco in North Carolina, developed by my tobacco predecessor, Sterling Southern.

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