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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Organic blueberry spray guide from NCSU

Bill Cline
, NCSU extension plant pathologist based at the Horticultural Crops Research Station in Castle Hayne, NC, has spearheaded the development of an organic IPM program for North Carolina blueberries. Together, Bill and I have produced the 2011 Organic Blueberry Spray Guide. This document lists organically acceptable practices and management tools for key blueberry pests in North Carolina. This document is only intended for use by North Carolina growers. If you are interested in organic blueberry production information and are from another state, contact your local cooperative extension agent (see here to connect with your location extension personnel).

As with any "spray program", bear in mind that not all treatments are needed at each location. This document is not a schedule which should be followed, but instead a guide as to what pests may occur and how to manage them if present. Scouting & monitoring should be the keystone of any IPM program, and treatments should only be made if economically significant populations are present.

More information
Organic Blueberry Spray Guide - Bill Cline & Hannah Burrack

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