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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Once in a blue moon

It's been a hectic (and productive) field season, but being this busy means that lab members are rarely in the same place at once. So, imagine my surprise this afternoon when everyone was in the lab working at the same time! Shelley, M.S. student studying blueberry pollination ecology; Monique, M.S. student studying tobacco splitworm larval biology; and Richard Reeves, Ph.D. student revising tobacco treatment thresholds were all setting up various experiments.

Shelley was measuring and weighing blueberries from pollination efficiency locations. Monique was assessing no-choice feeding assays, and Richard was setting up a bioassay.

This lab togetherness won't last for long; tomorrow all of us are back out in the field. But I had to snap a picture with everyone working!

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