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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blueberry maggot flies captured in Rockingham County, NC

In addition to our large scale blueberry maggot monitoring program in eastern North Carolina, we are also conducting trapping at 2 locations in Rockingham County, NC, with the cooperation of county agent, Kathryn Holmes. One of the locations has a history of blueberry maggot infestations, and was monitored last year to generate preliminary data on trapping methods. The second location does not have a history of blueberry maggot. Both locations have minimal insecticide programs.

Last week, on June 16th, 2 blueberry maggot flies were caught at 1 Rockingham County location. This was the second week of trapping in Rockingham County. In the first week, no flies were caught. We will continue to monitor these sites through at least the end of June, long if we continue catching flies. These trap captures are confirmation that blueberry maggots still occur in NC despite our low numbers in the main production region.

The 2 blueberry maggot flies captured in Rockingham County, NC on June 16th, 2010. One fly is female, and the other is male, as noted. The arrow highlights the ovipositor on the female fly, the key distinguishing feature between the 2 sexes. Photo: Kathryn Holmes.

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