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Friday, April 9, 2010

Preparing for tobacco transplant

It has been a busy few days for the Burrack Lab. Soil insecticides and greenhouse treatments were applied at the Border Belt and Lower Coastal Plain/Cunningham Research Stations.

We will be conducting an insecticide efficacy trial against wireworm spp. at Border Belt, comparing the following treatments at several different rates/application methods:
1. Admire Pro (imidacloprid)
2. Brigadier (imidacloprid + bifenthrin)
3. Capture LFR (bifenthrin)
4. Lorsban Advanced (chlorpyriofos)

This trial will be transplanted Monday, April 12th.

Richard Reeves, PhD Student, and Anna Chapman, Research Technician, apply Admire Pro to NC 71 tobacco seedlings at the Cunningham Research Station, Kinston, NC. Photo: HJB

We have 5 different trial scheduled for Kinston this summer. These include systemic and foliar insecticide longevity trials as well as studies on tobacco splitworm biology. On Wednesday, we applied Admire Pro treatments to all of our standards and applied several rates of Admire Pro and Platinum for comparison of longevity. Many of our other treatments will be applied in transplant water, so next Wednesday's Kinston transplant date will be very busy.

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