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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Check out the newest Small Fruit News

The latest edition of the Small Fruit News has just been posted at the Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium's webpage. I contributed an article on the spotted wing drosophila to this quarter's edition which expands on my previous post here. The most interesting article to me was contributed by Phil Brannen, University of Georgia plant pathologist, which briefly discusses 2 viruses new to eastern blueberry production.

Blueberry scorch and blueberry shock have been detected in locations in Michigan, the nation's largest blueberry producer. Among these locations is the Trevor Nichols Research Complex, where much of the blueberry research in the state is conducted. Blueberry scorch is vectored by aphids (likely non persistently), although the potential vectors are unclear. Blueberry shock is a pollen borne virus whose spread is mediated by bees. These viruses have yet to be detected in the southeast, but their movement across the US from the Pacific northwest to Michigan raises concern.

More information on Blueberry scorch and shock is Michigan can be found here.

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