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Monday, September 21, 2009

Blog role

In updating posts and catching up with email this morning, I came across a few blogs I hadn't seen before. Some were so impressive I decided they were worth sharing. I am also including links to some the blogs I regularly visit.
In the field: An NCDA blog with great, regular updates on agriculture, marketing, and outreach.

Deep Fried: T-minus 30 days and counting...this is the official blog of the NC State Fair. I know I, for one, will be putting something together for the Deep Fried ambassador contest.

Western NC Vegetable and Small Fruit News: Sue Colucci is an area horticulture Agent in western NC, and her blog is what convinced me that this effort was worth trying out.

NC State Insect Museum: Colleague Andy Deans and crew maintain a funny, informative blog on all things entomological. Keep an eye out for their annual insect haiku contest and the NC Entomological Society photo contest, just announced!

Myrmecos: I recently rediscovered a grad school classmate's website. Alex Wild is now at the University of Illinois Entomology Department and is also an accomplished photographer who archives his images here.

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